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For Elaine Almond, art has been important since childhood, but only came into real focus in 2008. Stopped from studying art at school, to get a proper job, it was always an interest: visiting galleries, sketching, photography and designing various gardens as she moved around. Then in 2008 she took early retirement from a career in health care due to chronic illness and began again enrolling on courses and learning to paint. She has since exhibited locally, at national art fairs, and in 2017 was shortlisted in the National Open Art Competition for ‘A Slice of Life 1’. Her paintings are expressive of colour and everyday emotions, and include challenging life events as well as the beauty of nature. She uses mainly acrylic and oils, tends to paint in series, anything from 4 -8 paintings together with a common colour palette and theme before moving on.  She also runs a local Art Club experimenting with expressive forms of art (currently online) and is a part-time lay minister.

Art gives Elaine the mental space and freedom to process things as she becomes absorbed in it. It lifts her up, uses her creative instincts, and the paintings lift the rooms they are in, providing a talking point as one client wrote, or a journey for the mind and spirit.

‘The pictures are well and truly still an intrigue in our lounge – not only are they eye-catching but they are a talking point whenever guests come over… we still enjoy giving the backstory to them, which is interesting because they’re modern depictions of their subjects. … They just lift the room!”

Writing about what drew her to a painting, another wrote: ‘the really vibrant colours, the dark blue strokes and sense of mist, mystery and questioning. It allows me to wonder, look deeper and longer and it draws me in.’

“Art can help to lift us out of the mundane, open our eyes to what is around, not just the material world we inhabit, but the colours and experiences, be they physical, emotional, mental or spiritual: the life journeys we take. This artistic journey is not one I ever thought to make, but I love the experience and hope you will join me! “

Elaine Almond  2021



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