The pictures are well and truly still an intrigue in our lounge – not only are they eye-catching but they are a talking point whenever guests come over. They’re interested in what it’s about and we still enjoy giving the backstory to them, which is interesting because they’re modern depictions of their subjects.


My mother-in-law’s reaction in particular was good. She was stunned and said, “Wow, they’re amazing! They just lift the room!” Even my cleaner who has a keen interest in art said they’re fascinating.

J writes: I’m at my son’s to celebrate S’s birthday (daughter-in-law) and have just given her your picture. She loved it. Here’s her reaction!

Thank you for such a lovely painting.

Writing about what drew her to another picture, a client wrote: ‘the really vibrant colours, the dark blue strokes and sense of mist, mystery and questioning. It allows me to wonder, look deeper and longer and it draws me in.

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