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  • Uphill-30-x-30cm-Multimedia-on-board-£220
    Uphill 30 x 30cm Multimedia on board £220
  • Joined-at-the-Hip-Diptych-on-2-canvases-30-x-80-cm-each-£1100-framed
    Joined at the Hip Diptych on 2 canvases 30 x 80cm each £910-framed
  • Caught-Acrylic-on-board-£410-Elaine-Almond
    Caught! Acrylic on board £410
  • Out of the Darkness 4 50x50cm Acrylic on canvas £250
    Light breaks in – 50 x 50cms Acrylic on canvas £420
32683 CAF 2020 Surrey web banner (with dates)
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